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Our dental practice is equipped with the most advanced dental equipment and medical instruments produced by renowned manufacturers , this being the essential precondition for the provision of superior treatment to our patients. We have all the devices necessary for high quality dental examinations and treatment at our disposal.

The comfortable dental chair supplied by the dental equipment specialists OMS ensures patient comfort during their treatment.

The orthopantomograph (or OPG, produced by AJAT) is used to perform panoramic scanning dental X-rays of the upper and lower jaws (the maxilla and mandible), the dentition, jaw joints, jaw cavities and the nasal cavity. During diagnosis, the resulting film (orthopantogram) helps reveal all pathological findings.

An intraoral camera is a miniature digital camera that transfers a clear picture of the inside of a patient´s mouth directly onto the PC screen. Thanks to the ten times maginification the camera offers we can show you the condition of your teeth before and after surgery, and thus you can satisfy yourself regarding the result.

An intraoral X-ray system (manufactured by VATECH) is a digital X-ray device situated near the dental chair producing a small digital X-ray image of the inside of the mouth whenever needed during treatment. The equipment is able to directly produce a digital X-ray image, thus lowering the dosage of X-ray radiation received by the dental patient and increasing their comfort during treatment. Moreover, these images help reveal even extremely small areas of interdental decay or cavities under fillings and crowns that are invisible to the naked eye.

The X-Smart plus endo motor (Maillefer company) is a modern device for the mechanical treatment of root canals. This is much more thorough and accurate than treating them by hand only. The mechanical treatment of root canals increases the success of the treatment many times and lowers the risk of consequent complications. To preserve an affected tooth the root canal must be cleaned throughout its length; a RAYPEX 8 device for the measurement of root canal length is used during this procedure.

Electrocautery is a surgical technique used to create a surgical incision, seal off blood vessels or for both tasks in combination. It is used to treat soft tissues, e.g. gums, folds in the mucous membrane, or papillae. During operations, electrocautery stops bleeding (by aiding coagulation), thus creating optimal conditions for the given operation.

Modern dentistry cannot be imagined without composite fillings. The procedure of making fillings involves the application of a dental polymarization lamp which forcing composite filling from self-curing (polymerization).

Due to the increasing demands for precision and quality binocular magnifying glasses are indispensable in many dental operations – we will not miss a single detail, however small it may be.